About KiSabz
At KiSabz we envision a future where modern society can exist in harmony with nature. We believe that humans must exist sustainably in their environment and possibly even improve it through their actions. Through the use of advanced technology such a vision is now a possibility.
One of the greatest challenges facing humanity is the immense surge of toxic plastics we produce. These plastics pollute our environment for centuries and cause immeasurable health issues. This became a natural focus area for KiSabz to develop a solution for.
The special technology behind KiSabz was born through the efforts of scientists in some of Iran’s leading universities. It spent half a decade undergoing refinement through various laboratories before emerging as a small startup company in Tehran’s Fruit & Vegtable market (meydan tah’re baar). The market was an unusual but effective choice due to the food produce being sold there and that it has the highest consumption of plastic bags in Iran. With KiSabz’s special patented and trademarked AzBio technology all that plastic waste could be converted into soil enriching compost without any loss of convenience for consumers.
Maadiran was an early investor in the startup through it’s venture capital arm with an initial stake of only 20%. With funding the startup succeeded in expanding it’s operations and doubling it’s production – effectively proving that the technology could succeed at scale. It also obtained the coveted Innovation Company certification (Danesh Bonyan) from the government securing it’s position as a high tech company. Since then Maadiran has fully integrated the startup into it’s own operations at the group’s Hashtgerd manufacturing facility with a view towards expanding the scale of operations towards a nationwide level.